NILLKIN MC3 PRO Portable Wireless Bluetooth V4.2 Bottle Speaker with 3600mAh Power Bank & Colorful LED Light

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1. Latest Bluetooth 4.2 Technology. Equipped with professional Bluetooth chip,stable and efficient transmission, strong anti-interference,low power consumption,long transmission distance.
2. Breathing Colorful Light. Buit-in intelligent light mixing system. You can choose the color by double click the M button.Change brightness with simple rotation,so it also can as a bedside lamp.
3. 360 Degree Surround Sound Speaker. Equipped with an innovative 360 degree surround sound speaker unit, the Wireless Speaker Bottle design allows you to enjoy a rich audio experience no matter where you use it.
4. Portable Charger. A speaker also as a portable charger,built-in with 3600mAh battery,max output current 5V/1A,support cellphone,tablet and other devices.
5. Special Design. Easy Control - A unique, bottle-shaped design makes this speaker a cool interior item and an instant conversation piece. Its practical knob and build makes it easy to carry.
6. Play mode: Bluetooth/AUX/TF(Micro SD)card(Not Included Here)

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