Nobico J015 Household Negative Ions Air Purifier Formaldehyde Smog Removal with WIFI

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1. Shell: high-strength ABS body, brushed silver aluminum handle
2. Negative ions: 6X106pcs/cm3
3. Filtration system: four-layer filtration (primary filtration, HEPA, activated carbon, cold catalyst), filter replacement reminder function
4. In and out air mode: side air inlet, top air outlet, four-speed wind speed adjustable, low speed ultra-quiet
5. Touch screen, infrared remote control, humidity and temperature display, timing function
6. High sensitivity dust sensor
7. Humidification function
8. With safety protection system, automatic power failure after falling;
9. Built-in WIFI wireless module, remote control of mobile phone
10. Applicable area: <=40m2
11. Electrical parameters: 220V Purification power: 58W Humidification power: 15W
12. Product size: 360*200*565mm

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