Nobico XD05A Portable Air Purifier Household Ozone Disinfection Machine(White)

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1. Built-in 28 million negative ions
2. Built-in ozone generator module, ozone concentration: 2.02mg/m3
3. High quality 5015 blower
4. Formaldehyde removal rate was 99.2%
5. Killing rate of white staphylococcus: 99.9%
6. Small size and easy to carry, can be used at home or business hotel
7. Equipped with 2000mAh or 3200mAh high-capacity lithium battery:
2000mAh battery: single mode: 6 times; cycle mode: 4.5h
3200mAh battery: single mode: 9 times; cycle mode: 8.5h

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