OKIT-F33 Car Bluetooth Hands-free, Support Music Play & Hands-free Answer Phone & FM & Smart Phones Charging Function

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About the product
1. Brand new and high quality.
2. Support Bluetooth hands-free.
3. Support Bluetooth stereo music play.
4. Hi-Fi FM stereo transmitter allows you to fully enjoy your nice music.
5. FM frequency: 88.1-107.9 Mhz.
6. Cigarette lighter power supply mode.
7. Supports phone hands-free call through your speaker.
8. Support smartphone and GPS charging with output USB socket.
9. LCD frequency display with backlight for reading display easily.
10. The flexible goose-pipe makes it convenient to find the best position for your devices.
11. Suitable for iPhone / Samsung / LG / Nokia / HTC / Sony / Huawei / Lenovo / MP3 / Tablet PC etc.

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