OLEVS 5885 Men Fashion Waterproof Luminous Quartz Watch(Black)


CHF 45.70
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1. Movement: original quartz movement, accurate travel time
2. Strap: solid stainless steel bracelet
3. Case: alloy case, vacuum plating in the furnace
4. Waterproof: 30M life waterproof, support daily water for washing hands and face
5. Thickness: 11mm
6. Diameter: 41mm, width: 20mm, bracelet circumference: 22cm
7. Good quality and will not fade for a long time
8. Simple design, fashionable and generous
9. Use environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-radio luminous material, which can absorb external light energy and read accurately at night
10. The outer ring can be rotated counterclockwise for convenient timing
11. 2.5 times calendar window, view calendar more clearly

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