OLEVS 6607 Multi-function Men Big Flywheel Automatic Waterproof Mechanical Watch(White)


CHF 140.51
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1. Movement: original fully automatic mechanical movement, better quality, stable and accurate travel time
2. Strap: solid stainless steel bracelet, drop-resistant and scratch-resistant, comfortable to wear
3. Case: stainless steel case, carefully polished several times, vacuum plating process in the furnace, good quality, does not fade for a long time
4. Waterproof: 30M life waterproof, support daily water for washing hands and face
5. Diameter: 41mm, thickness: 12.5mm
6. Bracelet width: 20mm, perimeter: 22cm
7. The day of the week, the calendar dial and the flywheel are combined into a triangle, making the methodical design concept more prominent
8. Hollow design, fashionable and generous

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