Oneder V10 Bluetooth 5.0 Color Dual LED lights, TWS Connection Function, 10W Stereo CD Quality,Support TF Card & USB Drive & AUX & FM(Grey)

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1.CD quality, full frequency high quality speaker, let the sound quality incisively and vividly
2.Professional quality, full bass, treble loud
3.Color double LED lights, double enjoyment of vision and hearing
4.Desktop subwoofer, double speaker design, restore the scene version of listening
5.Bluetooth 5.0, better compatibility, speakerphone, hd intelligent noise reduction
6.Innovative TWS connect function, can connect two audio at the same time, enjoy real stereo sound
7.Bluetooth Speaker, MIC inside, handsfree function 8.Support TF Card/USB drive/AUX

Material: plastic + rubber
Bluetooth?version:5. 0
Charging voltage: DC5V
Frequency response: 30hz-20khz
Distortion: -1%
Sensitivity: above 65db
Speaker: 52MM

1.Product size:215*89*87MM
2.Product weight: 730G
3.Box size:234*105*120MM
4.CTN size:55*48.4*37.5CM
5.30 PCS/CTN
6.G.W.: 26.7 KG N.W: 25.5KG
7.Colors: Black / Red / Blue / Grey / Green / Powder

Package Included:
1 x speaker machine
1 x charging cable
1 x manual

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