ORICO BS6 Mini V4.2 Bluetooth Smart Play Speaker

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1.ORICO mini Bluetooth audio, made of ABS plastic, 155g weight, easy to carry, super convenient.
2.Three play modes: Bluetooth connection play, wired direct play, card play, support 32GB TF card (not included, you need to buy it yourself), can be switched with one button, pause, play, listen to songs more freely .
3.Bluetooth 4.2 lightning connection, 10 meters receiving distance, wide signal coverage makes music not bound.
4.Built-in HD noise reduction microphone and high-fidelity speaker, the sound quality is clearer, support two-way voice hands-free calling, double-click the call, long press to reject, click to hang up / answer, so that there is no obstacle to communication.
5.Built-in 400 mAh battery, continuous working time up to 100 minutes, USB cable can be directly connected to charge, you can listen to songs while charging.
6.The audio interface is 3.5mm, which is widely compatible with most Bluetooth devices on the market.
7.The bottom non-slip silicone pad is placed firmly.

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