Original Xiaomi 10W Wireless Car Charger Universal Fast Charge Version(Black)


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1. Induction telescopic, one-handed operation, support power off
2. New driving experience in the car: charging while navigating
3. Electric induction clamp arm: automatically locked with one hand
4. 10W wireless fast charge: 10W MAX high power fast charge
5. Universal fast charge: compatible with most wireless charging devices
6. Can charge with shell: a?¤4mm sensing distance
7. Multiple protection is safer: FOD metal foreign body detection
8. Two installation methods: one minute quick installation
Basic parameters:
1. Product name: Xiaomi wireless car charger universal fast charge version
2. Product model: WCJ03ZM
3. Output parameter: 1OW MAX
4. Sensing distance: a?¤4mm
5. Product size: 117.2x73.4x100mm
6. Executive standard T/CA101-2018
Packing list: Xiaomi wireless car charger universal fast charging version x1, USB data cable x1, manual x1, fixing clip x1, flat sticking base x1

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