Original Xiaomi Cannon Bluetooth Speakers Youth Version Portable Wireless Mini Pocket Stereo Subwoofer Audio Receiver

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1. Full metal(aluminium) body, concise and classic appearance.
2. Round small cannon shape, lightweight and portable, the size is 80mm x 41mm, and the weight 125g, you can carry it with you in your pocket whenever and wherever.
3. High-capacity 1000mAh battery, support 5 hours of music play continually after 2-3 hours charging.
4. Professional speaker, noise reduction processing, high quality timbre with vigorous bass and ringing high pitch.
5. Bluetooth connecting, good compatibility. Compatible with most of the mobile phones, tablets and computers. Effective range of bluetooth is about 10 meters.
6. Creative antiskid design at the bottom, it is hardly to slide when operating on the smooth desktop.
7. Simple to use: one click at the bottom to turn it on, then bluetooth pairing and enjoy the music or talk.
8. Rechargeable with the USB charging line. Please fully charge it before first use.
9. Speaker power wattage: 6W

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