Original Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier Pro 300Mbps WiFi Smart Extender Router with 2x2 External Antennas(Black)

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1. 2x2 enternal antenna, WiFi signal cover extender.
2. WiFi signal extender easily, just need 3 steps to pairing the router.
3. WiFi coverage enhancements, transmission rate up to 300Mbs.
4. WiFi signal coverage widely: With the use of home routers, speed matching to help extend the WiFi signal, the living roomwatching TV, bedroom movies, balcony video chat can be achieved.
5. Maximum support 64 devices at the same time connected, good content to share with the family.
6. Intelligent detection for your guardian network smooth.
7. Classic power interface, convenient.
8. Small and lightweight, do not take up extra space to facilitate your life.

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