Original Xiaomi Mi WiFi Wireless Router Pro MIWIFI OS Dual ROM 256MB Flash + 512MB DDR3 Dual Band WiFi 2.4GHz 800Mbps + 5GHz 1733Mbps with 4 Antennas, Support Web & Android & iOS Windows & OS(Grey)

XiaomiArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | PC1230H

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1. 4 high gain antennas design contributes to stronger and wider signal.
2. Dual ROM capacity: 256MB Flash + 512MB DDR3, ensures the signal stability, support many decives parallel connections.
3. 2.4GHz + 5GHz band, high speed rate up to 1733Mbps.
4. Powerful security technology for anti rub network, antivirus and leak proof.
5. Good heat radiation and stable operation behavior.
6. Exclusive MIWIFI APP: initialize network configuration quickly, look over or control the network usage status in your home when you are out, support online search video or movies, download them through this APP and storage them in the mobile storage devices connecting with the Xiaomi router.
7. Mega-Huxing owner shall buy original Xiaomi Mi WiFi booster for better surfing experience.
8. Got GB9254-2008, YD/T993-1998, GB4943.1-2011 certification.
9. Set steps:
Connect the wireless router to the power and network cable;
Serch no password wireless network "Xiaomi_XXXX" ;
Log in the browser or APP to finish the set.

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