Original Xiaomi MIIIW Smart Mouse Pad with Qi Wireless Fast Charge, Support Mi Mix 2S, Size: 420x260mm


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1. It is not only a mouse pad, but also equipped with Qi wireless charging module. It can charge your mouse and mobile phone at any time in the office or at home. It is easy to operate, just put it in the charging area, and the charging starts instantly. Discard the troubles of the cable and let the equipment continue to run.
2. Qi smart chip to ensure charging safety.
3. Provide wireless charging security protection throughout the entire process to ensure the safety of the equipment.
4. Aluminum alloy knobs, which can be changed by a simple click.
5. TPU non-slip bottom pad, safe and reliable.
6. Comfortable operation space, both handling and charging dual-task, with a body size of 420x260mm,ensuring users can have a comfortable operating area while charging the device wirelessly.
7. High charging efficiency, up to 7.5W of charging power for fast charging of your equipment.

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