Original Xiaomi Portable Smart Quick Charge 3.8A (Max Output) QC3.0 Dual Ports Car Charger, Compatible with Android and iOS Devices(Grey)

XiaomiArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | CMS1288H

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1. Adopt high quality material.
2. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry.
3. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
4. Built-in Dual USB ports lighter and smart USB charging.
5. 12-24V suitable for major cars.
6. Built-in protective circuits protects against over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature and over-charging.
7. QC3.0 dual port: 36W, single port: 18W
8. Output capability: 5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A

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