Original Xiaomi Youpin Dingling Smart WIFI Video Visual Doorbell with Doorbell Receiver, Support Infrared Night Vision & Change Voice Intercom & Real-time Video Viewing(White)


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1. Battery type: AA LR6 1.5V (No. 5 alkaline dry cell)
2. Rated voltage: 3.0V
3. Support System: Android 4.3 or iOS 9.0 or above
4. 3M strong glue, strong stickiness. Anti-disassembly alarm. When the equipment is disassembled, the alarm sounds automatically when it is found abnormal.
5. Built-in IR-CUT double filter automatic switching function, according to the light level, automatic switching daytime and night vision mode
6. Real-time monitoring of anomalies within 2.5 metres of doorway
7. Simple installation
8. The doorbell can connect four receivers at the same time, so it is not afraid to hear the doorbell. The receivers are connected by encrypted radio frequency, so the data is safer.
9. Size: 111*61*23mm, receiver size: 74*74*38mm

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