Original Xiaomi Youpin PINZTEA 300ml Portable Water Travel Mugs Thermal Cup Tea Infuser Bottle Container Warm Keeping Cup(Black)

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1. Made of ABS, silicone and PP, durable and environmentally friendly, can be used for a long time.
2. Simple and exquisite design, fashionable and creative.
3. 300ml large capacity, meet your daily need.
4. Tea and water separation design, tea compartment is set near the cup lid.
5. Double wall thermal insulation, anti-scald.
6. Lightweight and portable, anti-slip and drop resistant.
7. A great gift for your friends and families.

1.Brand: Xiaomi
2. Product: Xiaomi Mijia Pinztea Travel Mugs
3. Material: Food grade silicone, ABS, PP

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