Original Xiaomi Youpin VH Air Humidifier 420ml Portable USB Touch-Control Silent Air Purifier for Home / Office / Car(Green)

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Desktop Air Humidifier
1. VH desktop Air humidifier.
2. Moisturize your room, relax yourself and get rid of dry skin problems.
4. Widely used, suitable for air-conditioned rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, cars and other places.
5. Double protection, built-in smart chip, automatic power off function; safer and more secure.
6. Matte design, smooth lines and comfortable texture.
7. Highly sensitive touch switch design is more convenient to use.
8. The nozzle hole is designed with a wide-angle design to humidify every corner.
9. The continuous spray mode takes about 10 hours and the intermittent spray mode takes about 24 hours.
10. Micro USB charging port; can be powered by computer, car charger or portable power source.
11. The bottom is made of non-slip rubber and is safe and non-slip.

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