Original Xiaomi ZMI Portable Mosquito Repellent Centrifugal Killing Reject Repeller(White)

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1. Concise style square appearance, compact and portable.
2. Centrifugal volatilization, efficient and rapid, expand the diffusion rate and diffusion range.
3. 200 hours of volatilization, no pungent odour, long-lasting and healthy.
4. Compact size with a lanyard design, portable, can be hung on the wrist, school bag, etc.
5. With a practical polished cover, reduce the volatilization and avoid waste.
6. Rounded corner design reduces the scratching and tangling when carrying, smooth and simple.
7. Contains 2 mosquito repellent pads.
8. Easy to install and use.
9. Suitable for the room of less than 28 cubic meters, and you need multiple mosquito repellents for larger rooms.

Package List
1. Mosquito repellent machine x 1
2. Mosquito repellent filter x 2
3. Sling x 1
4. Storage cover x 1

Lights Instructions
1. Green lights: Press power button, when you see green light, it is ready for work.
2. Orange lights: Long press power button, when you see orange light, it enters 8 hours work mode.
3. Red lights: When red light flashing, please change the batteries as well as the mosquito repellent filter.
4. Because batteries are hard to ship, we will take out the batteries (use with 2 PCS AA batteries, batteries are not included).

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