Outdoor Anti-mosquito Children Cartoon Camera USB Mosquito Repellent, Style:Battery Models(Pink)

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1. Product specifications: about 90x72x35mm
2. Packing specification: about 100x131x50mm
3. Product material: ABS + PC + silicone
4. Packaging materials: coated paper
5. Product accessories: charging cable + two packs of essential oil (two pieces) + lanyard + manual
6. Rated voltage: DC5V (storage type)
7. Rated voltage: DC5V 2XAA (dry battery), the battery is not included, need to be equipped by yourself.
8. Rated power: 2.5w
9. Charging time: 2-4h (storage charge)
10. Use time: 28-35h (storage)
11. Use time: 65-72h (dry battery)
12. Duration of essential oil tablets: 200h
13. Net weight of product: Power storage: about 82g Dry battery: about 87g
14. Product gross weight: power storage: about 167g dry battery: about 172g

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