P10 1.3inch IPS Color Screen Smart Watch IP67 Waterproof,Support Call Reminder/Heart Rate Monitoring/Blood Pressure Monitoring/Sleep Monitoring(Black)

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About Product
1. Bluetooth version:BLE 4.0
2. Battery capacity: 170mAh
3. System: Android system 5.0 version or above,iOS system 9.0 version or above
4. Waterproof rating: IP67
5. Resolution: 240*240
6. Charging method:magnetic cable charging
7. APP:Heroband III
8. APP supported languages:Simplified Chinese, English, Italy, French, German, Spain, Portugal, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Korean

1. Multi-motion mode:walking,running,cycling,rope skipping,badminton,basketball,football,swimming
2. Heart rate monitoring,blood pressure monitoring,blood oxygen monitoring,sleep monitoring
3. Intelligent notification,call,SMS,message push
4. Music control,take pictures by remote control,weather forecast
5. Low power consumption,long battery life
6. Step,distance,calorie
7. Turn the wrist and shine the screen,alarm clock reminder,sedentary reminder

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