P15 10W Portable Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Loudspeaker Sound System Stereo, Support TF&FM(Red)

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1. TWS function speaker connection.
2. Compatible with FM, TF, audio input, Bluetooth stereo, excellent sound quality, powerful bass, hands-free function, one-click answering, creative simple and elegant appearance!
3. Easy to carry, hooked, outdoor transportation is the best choice.
4. Wireless hands-free calling.
5. Dual magnetic dual horn subwoofer, using high-fidelity speakers, the sound is more natural and delicate.

1. Connection method: Bluetooth
2. Bluetooth version; 4.2 + ESR
3. Bluetooth distance: 10m
4. Battery capacity: 2400mAh
5. Frequency response range: 100Hz-10KHz
6. Speaker specifications: 4Ω 5W / 52mm
7. Output power: 5W x 2
8. Signal to noise ratio: greater than or equal to 65dB
9. Working time: 4 hours
10. Charging time: 3 hours
11. Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
12. Product size: 7.3x7.6x20.6cm
13. Product weight: 750g

Packing list:
Bluetooth speaker x 1
Charging cable x 1
Audio cable x 1
Chinese and English manual x 1

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