PD 18W USB-C / Type-C to 8 Pin Flash Charging Data Cable for iPhone X / 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / XR / SE 2020, Length:2m

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1. Support 3A high current, charging power can reach 18W fast charging
2. Support data transmission and fast charging
3. The front and back are free to use, convenient and fast
4. Built-in high-performance chip, stable support for IOS system intelligent equipment, charging fast without hurting the machine
5. The product's tail card anti-breaking and reinforced joint is truly resistant to bending
6. Suitable for all mobile phones and tablets with 8 Pin interface

Product parameters:
1. Product material: PC+TPE
2. Power: 18W
3. Output: 3A
4. Product function: support data transmission and fast charging

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