Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer Mosquito Repellent Baby Maternity Mosquito Killer(Black)

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1. Safety and quiet are the reasons for your choice. Physical mosquito killers can be used by pregnant women, infants and the elderly.
2. The base is more ventilated, upgrade the 360° air outlet of the all-metal ventilation grid base, replace the baffle storage box, the ventilation is more rapid, and the mosquito killing power is stronger.
3. The base is cleaner, the base and the mosquito storage box are separated, and the structure of the mosquito storage box is the past type. The hollow design is separated, and it is more convenient to clean the mosquito storage box.
4. The appearance is more beautiful, using the new ABS757 flame-retardant engineering plastic + metal base, so that the mosquito-killing lamp is no longer only black, making the home more radiant and warmer.
5. The leather handle is soft and comfortable, easy to install, and adopts laser process switch, which not only uses sensitive but also tastes
6. High-efficiency UV lamp, the purple wave emitted is strictly controlled at 360-400nm. This wavelength has a fatal attraction to mosquitoes.
7. Suitable for many indoor environments such as restaurants, hotels, hotels, living rooms, bedrooms, lounges, offices, conference rooms, etc.
8. Product size: 160x160x259 mm
9. Machine power: 11W
10. Rated voltage: 220V-50Hz
11. Effective range: 60 square meters

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