Pocket Ball Compass Instrument Navigation Compass Outdoor Hiking Car Black Compass

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Dial Display:Pointer
Carrying Mode:Vehicle-borne Type
1.Simple design and practical
2.Ball shaped, with strong decoration effects
3.Bubble ball seat type, indicating the direction, displaying the level, showing that the vibration
4.Particularly popular, moderate size, high sensitivity, 5.Praised highly by drivers
5..Using it on your car, could be clamped or built-adhesive paste
6.Take this one, you won't worry get lost in travel
7.Note: Electromagnetic field will be formed in the car during driving, which may interfere with the compass's work. While the compass will return to normal when parking
Product information
1.Material: Plastic shell
2.Size: app.5cmx3cm
3.Ball diameter: about 3cm
4.Color: Black

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