Portable Negative Ion Necklace Hanging Neck Carry Oxygen Bar Small Mini Household Purifier(Pink)

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1. Net weight: 35g
2. Input current: 250 mA
3. Input voltage: 5V
4. Battery capacity: 250 mAh
5. Negative ion concentration: more than 5 million
6. Dimensions: 55.5x24.5x59 mm
7. Charging time is 1 hour, battery life is 8 hours
8. Power supply method: Android interface USB power supply
9. An air purifier that can be hung on the chest, purifies the air of 3-5 square meters, effectively resists the purification of pollutants around
10. Including accessories: purifier X1, manual X1, data cable X1, white lanyard X1, metal lanyard X1

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