Portable Speakers with FM Mini Multi-function Radio USB Notebook Speakers for TV Phone Support SD/TF Card Mp3 Music Player

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1. Memory Card Type: Micro SD / TF, U disk (not included)
2. Extended Capacity: 32GB (not included)
3. Media Format: MP3
4. Total Power: 3W
5. Impedance: 4ohms
6. Interface: USB 2.0 / TF slot / 3.5mm / Mini USB
7. Radio: FM Radio
8. Power Supply: Built-in Rechargeable Battery
9. Built-in Battery: 600mAh
10. Other Features: 1.0 inch LCD display screen
11. FM Frequency: 87.5~108MHz
12. Size: 50x50x52cm

1. Completely clear in sound quality and scratch resistant in characters.
2. FM function: It can search the radio broadcast station automatically.
3. Micro SD/TF card slot design: it is able to read the data and storage music files from inserting TF card directly.
4. Support U disk playing mode: automatically read the audio files from inserting U disk or USB connection devices.
5. LCD display: With a small LCD screen to show the working mode.
6. LED indication: Blue light lights on when the speaker is working.
7. Compatible with all devices with 3.5mm interface.
8. Aluminum alloy shell, durable yet stylish.
9. Compact in size, multiple in color and attractive in appearance.
10. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Packing list
1. Mini speaker x 1
2. Power cable x 1
3. Audio cable x 1

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