Portable Wireless Network cable Tester SC8108 LCD Digital PC Data Network CAT5 RJ45 LAN Phone Cable Tester Meter(Grey)


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1) The tester uses 6V DC as the power supply only.

2) Never attempt to connect and start the tester with any power supply other than the tester itself.

3) For an economic use of battery,the tester will shut off automatically if it does not work for 30 minutes in succession.

4) One person enough to complete cable continuity check.

5) Check wiring error in 5E,6E,coaxial cable and telephone line.

6) Such as open circuit,short circuit,jumper wire,reverse connection or cross-talk interference.

7) Locate the wiring or connection error.

8) Measure cable length and determine the distance of open circuit and short circuit.

9) Dynamically calibrate cable length and make length measurement as accurate as 97%.

10) Simple and easy use.big screen to display test result clear.

11) Portable unit with long battery life(wait-case 50 hours)

12) Automatically time-delay shut off.

13) Measure length and pair with or without far-end recognizer.

14) Locate cable and there are 8 far-end passive test jacks(ID NO. ID1-ID 8)

15) Far-end recognizer with prompting voice.

16) Self-checking function and automatically compensate any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature.

17)Single board computer software watchdog design and reliable operation.

18) Overall dimension: 180x80x40mm

19) Power supply

4x1.5V size AA batteries with power consumption 16 mA (not included)

20) Display: special 4x16 character big screen LCD lattice(valid visual field 61.6x25.2mm)

21) Length calibration: user can set calibration factor by himself with a given length cable.the length of calibrating cable is more than 5m.

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