Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock Carpet Electronic Digital Clock Bedroom Anti-Slip Wear-Resisting Soft Mat Smart Wake Up

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Color:Creamy White
Display Type:Digital
Screen Type:LED
Type:Alarm Clocks
Material:Flannelette, Memory Foam
1. Bright LED display: doubles as night-light.
2. Modern Look: suit any room despite style.
3. Touch Sensor: effectively getting you out of bed!
4. High density Memory Foam: incredible comfort to lay feet on.
5. Customizable Alarm/Post Alarm: your daily motivation with your favorite music.
6. Contemporary and minimalistic design, matches with any type of room decoration.

1. Display Mode: Digital display using low-e cost LED Nixie tubes;
2. Size: 40cmx 38cm(15inches)
3. Power: Three No.7 Batteries(not included)
4. Speaker: Full range speaker
5. Storage space: 7MB
6. Data interface: USB
7. Pressure sensor: Double sided silver-conducting film, double layer millisecond senor;

Package Includes:
1 x Carpet alarm clock

1. To change the alarm music: Plugging in the USB cable at the back of mat, then connect it with your computer. You can customize your alarm music
2. Package DOES NOT comes with batteries

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