PULUZ Pocket 5-mode Adjustable Desktop Tripod Mount with 1/4 inch Screw for DSLR & Digital Cameras, Adjustable Height: 16.5-21.5cm


CHF 9.84
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1. This tripod is the new upgraded style, the design and workmanship are all improved.
2. Firmly fixed your devices onto the tripod, prevent shaking while shooting.
3. Tripod feet made of soft non-slip rubber, make it easy to shoot on uneven surfaces.
4. It is lightweight and portable, ideal companion for travel.
5. Telescopic length can be freely adjust, convenient for outdoor live broadcast and selfie and desktop holder.
6. With the standard 1/4 inch screw, universal for a variety of devices. For example, mobile phone, SLR, DV, miniature projector, mobile phone stabilizer, fill light.

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