REMAX RB-M9 Desktop Fabric Bluetooth Speaker with Holder, Support Voice Call / Audio Input (Blue)

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1. There are operation buttons on the top. Press the buttons to adjust the sound quality and switch songs.
2. With 3.5Wx2 dual stereo channels, speaker unit, surging sound quality output, HIFI audience.
3. Bluetooth 4.0 chip, transmission distance up to 15 meters.
4. Lossless transmission of sound source memory to identify paired devices, smart and fast connection, support voice calls, AUX audio wired input, more convenient to use
5. Built-in 1800mAh lithium battery, can achieve up to 6 hours of battery life playback, bringing you long-term music feast anytime, anywhere
6. Power amplifier frequency range: 20Hz-18KHz.
7. Speaker frequency range: 150Hz-18KHz.
8. Impedance: 4Ohm.
9. S/N ratio:> = 70dB.
10. Product size: 17.5x17.5x4cm.

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