Retro Wooden Round Single-sided Gear Clock Number Wall Clock, Diameter: 40cm (Silver)

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1. The movement is silent, energy efficient and precise.
2. Hidden hook design, high temperature paint, moisture proof, anti-deformation, easy care.
3. No bell cover without second hand design, simple and generous.
4. Imitation iron appearance, multi-layer hand-painted, antique old-fashioned, retro style.
5. Material: MDF, imitation iron.
6. Diameter: 40 cm, which is 16 inches.
7. Power supply: two 5th batteries (sold separately).
8. Applicable places: living room, bedroom, office, bar, restaurant, etc.

1. Please use a cheaper carbon battery such as three rings, Huatai, Toshiba and Panasonic.
2. Do not use alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries such as Nanfu, Duracell, and Supermaster with large current output. Otherwise, it may cause inaccurate travel time and affect the service life of the movement.

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