REXLIS 3610 3.5mm Male to Dual RCA Gold-plated Plug Blue Cotton Braided Audio Cable for RCA Input Interface Active Speaker, Length: 0.5m


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1. The enamelled copper core conductor is composed of two parts: a conductor and an insulating layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then baked and baked. The long-distance transmission signal is not lost, the sound quality is clear, there is no noise, and the sound quality is not damaged.
2. The joint is gold-plated, the conduction is more sensitive, and it will not be oxidized for a long time.
3. Aluminum alloy casing, no fading, anti-scratch, corrosion-resistant, beautiful appearance.
4. Cotton braided body, pressure resistant, dirt resistant, and effective against stretching.
5. Uses: It is suitable for connecting amplifiers such as mobile phones, notebooks, MP3, MP4, etc. or active speakers with RCA input interface.

1. Interface type: 1 3.5mm, 2 RCA (left and right channels).
2. Length: 0.5m.
3. Core material: tinned copper.
4. Outer diameter: 3.5mm.
5. Connector material: gold plated.
6. Wire material: TPE, cotton woven fiber mesh.
7. Shell material: aluminum alloy.
8. Weight: 16.8g.

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