REXLIS CAT7-2 Gold-plated CAT7 Flat Ethernet 10 Gigabit Two-color Braided Network LAN Cable for Modem Router LAN Network, with Shielded RJ45 Connectors, Length: 3m


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1. Flat wire, soft and free to bend. The wire body has a thickness of 2.7mm (with fiber mesh), strong tensile strength, durability and dirt resistance.
2. Adopt 32A Yang G oxygen-free copper conductor, PVC outer shielded by aluminum foil shield + oxygen-free copper conductor ground shield, stable transmission, no drop.
3. Standard RJ45 gold-plated interface, the machine suppresses the crystal head to ensure stable transmission of seven types of 10 Gigabit speed.
4. Compatible with most network environments.
5. Universal RJ45 network cable interface, suitable for all kinds of network equipment, desktop computers, notebook computers, smart TVs, routers, TV boxes, etc.

1. Interface type: RJ45 x 2.
2. Material: shielded gold-plated plug, fiber woven mesh cover, PVC outer cover. The wire conductor is 32 AWG oxygen free copper.
3. Product use: Computer and switch, hub, ADSL, router, modem TV, set-top box and other equipment links.
4. Weight: 90.7g.

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