Rice Cooker Shape Mini LED Light Air Humidifier for Home & Office(Black)

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1. Small size, very portable and easy to use.
2. It can increase humidity of air, reducing dust and bacteria.
3. Humectation your room quickly, keep your skin away from dry.
4. Creative rice cooker shape humidifier, with color night light, ornament your room and make your room look good.
5. Equipped with one USB port and one USB charging line, it is very convenient for home, office or car use.
6. For bedrooms: Soothing nerves, help sleep, moisturize the skin, moist throat.
7. For living room: Decorate space, create an atmosphere and feel happy.
8. For car: Keep fresh air.
9. For office: Keep moist air, reduce air conditioning harm , reduce work pressure.
10. Good for home / office desktop decoration, and a perfect choice for people who love life and an ideal gift to the family or friends.

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