Richwell DXZ64 USB Flash Disk 64G 3 in 1 Micro USB + 8 Pin + USB 3.0 Compatible IPhone & IOS(Black)

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1. Multi-function flash drive plug and play
2.USB drive pure metal material, 360 degree rotation
3.Applicable to iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini, Macbook PC devices
4. Compatible with the latest (applicable) Apple iphone 5s / 6/7/8 / S / Plus iPhone X XR Xs Max iPad iOS device and compatible with iOS8 and above.
5. When you use it on your iPhone for the first time, it automatically recognizes the app. Need to download and install the app. (APP, it's free)
6. APP can encrypt and decrypt files to protect privacy.
7. USB3.0 read: 80 MB / s
8. USB3.0 write: 40 MB / s

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