Romantic Warm Wedding Room Living Room Decoration Modern Personality Bedroom Bedside Creative Feather Table Lamp EU Plug, Size:Large(Black)

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1. Power: 12 w
2. Material: Fabric
3. Voltage: 220 v
4. Weight: S :2 kg, L:2.5 kg
5. Dimensions: S: 30 x 50 cm, L: 40 x 55 cm
6. Light source: E27 lamp head, LED lights, energy-saving lamps, Edison light source and other E27 light sources can be used
7. Plug specifications: EU
8. Switch type: Push button
9. Irradiation area: 5-10 ㎡
10. Average service life: 2000 h
11. Warm reminder: The lamp does not contain the bulb in the factory and needs to be purchased separately
12. Applicable space: Restaurant, bar, dining room, guest room, creative small space, bar, leisure club
13. Luminaire installation: Luminaires are electrical products. To ensure safety, please install under the guidance of an electrician

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