S1 Smart Silent Aromatherapy Machine Beauty Salon Exhibition Hall Hotel Room Space Fragrance Automatic Fragrance, Plug:US Plug(Silver)

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1. Revitalize, rejuvenate with the natural healing power of essential oils. Pair your nebulizing diffuser with pure therapeutic grade essential oils .
2. Our nebulizers deliver therapy without diluting the properties of your oil. Try adding aromatherapy into your yoga, meditation, relaxation, sleep, creativity, and mood enhancing routines.
3. Cool mist nebulizing technology eliminates heat and water, which both dilute and alter essential oil.
4. Nebulizers use an atomizing pump, which sends oil through a thin tube and releases a dry mist of micro-particles into the air - the healthiest and most efficient method of diffusing to maximize each drop of oil.
5. Removable separation head design, easy to use, we recommend to purchase an extra oil bottle.

1. Power: 3W
2. Input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60hz
3. Out voltage: DC 5V 1A
4. Applicable area: In 100 square meters
5. Oil output: 1-1.2ml/h
6. Color: Silver
7. Material: Polypropylene + aluminum alloy

1. No Heat No Water: Our diffuser technology requires no heat and no water which keep you oils safe to inhale and never diluted;
2. Wireless: Compact and portable, USB connection, allowing you to create a spa experience wherever you go;
3. 4 Stage Timers Modes: You can set the diffuser on a timer 30min/60min/120min/ or continuous;
4. Easy to Use: Extreme ease of use, for hotel, KTV, Spa Room;
5. Waterless, Silently, safety with automatic power protection.

Package Content:
1 x Essential Oil Diffuser
1 x Adapter plug

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