S6 Portable Subwoofer Mini Card Bluetooth Speaker (Red)

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1. Dual speaker + bass diaphragm, 360 degree 4D panoramic sound effect, HI-FI sound quality, bass is more thick.
2. The built-in LED light of the speaker, when the music is played, the color of the light changes in turn.
3. WeChat income broadcast, loud, clear, real-time broadcast of each income.
4. Bluetooth 5.0, the connection is more stable, faster, and the effective distance is 20 meters.
5. Built-in high-definition call microphone, support hands-free calling, intelligent noise reduction and no noise, so that the call is zero distance.
6. Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, charging time is about 4 hours, music playing time is 10 hours.
7. Support U disk / TF card / AUX playback, enjoy music anytime, anywhere.
8. Support all devices with Bluetooth.
9. Mini size for easy carrying.

1. Support TF card (up to 32GB).
2. Speaker power: 2 x 3W
3. Audio interface: 3.5mm.
4. Charging voltage: DC 5V.
5. Weight: 468g.

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