SADA USB Mini Wooden Super Bass Wired Speakers for Laptop / Desktop / Smart Phone, with 3.5mm AUX

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  • Brand Name:SADA
  • Cabinet Material:Wood
  • Speaker Type:Computer Speaker
  • Communication:AUX
  • Battery:No
  • Feature:None
  • Channels:2 (2.0)
  • PMPO:6W
  • Power Source:AC
  • Number of Loudspeaker Enclosure:2
  • Audio Crossover:Full-Range
  • Built-in Microphone:No
  • Display Screen:No
  • Intelligent Personal Assistant:None
  • Support Apt-x:No
  • Remote Control:No
  • Model Number:Computer Speaker
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Support APP:No
  • Waterproof:No
  • Display Screen:No
This mini wooden speaker is designed for desktops, laptops, laptops, and tablets. Its high-quality speakers will bring you a lot of wonderful music, a super companion for your outdoor activities and everyday life.

1. Unique and distortion-free bass effect and the surrounding stereo sound, bring you wonderful music.
2. Broad compatibility: for desktops, laptops, DVDs, TVs, smartphones, tablets and other devices with 3.5mm audio ports.
3. It adopts USB power supply, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and reliable.
4. Exquisite wooden design. Lightweight and portable, it is easy to carry.
5. Listen to your music through dual high performance speakers.

Material: wood
Output power: 3 W
Power supply: DC 5 V and USB 5 V
Input interface: USB plug and 3.5mm audio connector
Channel: 2.0
Separation: ≥40dB
Signal to noise ratio: ≥80db
Response range frequency: 25Hz-20KHz
Color: mahogany
USB cable: about 1 meter
Audio cable: about 1 meter
Size: 11x 7.5 x 7 cm
Frame and monitor size: approx. 22.7x15.9x 10.9 cm
Frame and display item weight: approximately 479 grams.

List of frames and display items:
Set of wired speakers (set of 2 sets of speakers) x 1
User Manual (English) x 1

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