SANDA 411 Multifunctional Wports Watch Male Youth Fashion Model Male Waterproof Student Electronic Watch(Rose Gold)

SANDAArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | SYA00647301C

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1. Brand: SANDA
2. Type: 411
3. Special Features: Night light, Week Display, Alarm Clock, Timepiece, Month Display, Calendar, 24 Hour Instruction
4. Display Type: Numbers
5. Applicable Population: Male
6. Style: Leisure
7. Waterproofing: Yes
8. Water Resistance: 30M
9. Type Of Movement: Electronics
10. Dialog Diameter: 48mm
11. Thickness: 12mm
12. Total length Of Watch: 265 mm
13. Table Width: 24mm
14. Crown Type: Flat Top Conical Crown
15. Types At The Bottom Of The Table: General
16. Mirror Material: Mineral Reinforced Glass Mirror
17. Table Buckle Style: Needle Buckle
18. Table Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
19. Sheet Material: Resin
20. Table Shape: Round
21. Table Shell Material: Alloy
22. Weight: 88g

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