SANDA 772 Large Dial Trendy Male Watch Fashion Trend Multi-Functional Digital Waterproof Electronic Watch For Male Students(Blue)


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1. Brand: Sanda
2. Model: 772
3. Special functions: night light, week display, alarm, timekeeper, month display, calendar, 24-hour indication
4. Display type: pointer + number
5. Applicable population: Male
6. Style: Business
7. Waterproof: Yes
8. Waterproof performance: 30m
9. Movement type: Electronic
10. Dial diameter: 47mm
11. Thickness: 15mm
12. Total length of watch: 248mm
13. Band width: 22mm
14. Crown type: flat top conical crown
15. Type of surface and bottom: ordinary
16. Mirror material: mineral reinforced glass mirror
17. Buckle style: needle buckle
18. Buckle material: stainless steel
19. Strap material: leather
20. Dial shape: round
21. Case material: Alloy
22. Weight: 0.099kg

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