SGUAI Portable Children Intelligent Voice Reminder Vacuum Thermal Cup Water Bottle (Blue)

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1. Rated power: 5W
2. Rated voltage: 5V
3. Waterproof level: IP67
4. Material: 316 stainless steel + PP
5. Capacity: 400ml
6. Battery capacity: 650mAh
7. Charging time: 1 hour
8. Standby time: 30 days
9. Charging method: magnetic charging
10. According to different drinking states and scenes, trigger more than 40 kinds of fun interactive voices and 6 types of interactive scenes to cultivate good living habits
11. Children drinking water will trigger the smart chip and play funny music randomly
12. Built-in smart sensor black technology, can recognize normal water absorption and pouring
13. Built-in temperature sensor, water temperature is greater than 45 degrees Celsius, and sound alarm when the cover is opened
14. Built-in photosensitive chip, automatic mute at night
15. Size: 242x80mm
16. Weight: 312g

Note: This product only supports Chinese

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