Silicone Cartoon Children Water Injection Explosion-Proof Warm Water Bag(Blue)


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1. Product: Silicone water injection warm water bag
2. Material: Food grade silicone, PA, PC
3. Size: 83x83x127mm
4. Weight: 113g
5. Packing list: Hot water bottle, packing box
6. Applicable season: Winter and summer
7. Water injection temperature: about 80 degrees C is appropriate
8. Microwave oven heating time: no more than two minutes
9. Product Features
- Put microwave oven to warm water bag
- Fill the bag with cold water (be sure to fill it) to prevent it from bursting
- Put the product in a microwave oven (the power of the microwave oven is less than 800W and the set temperature is about 80 degrees C), and the heating time should not exceed two minutes
- Just take it out
- Refrigerate into ice pack
- Fill the bag with cold water

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