Simple Modern Hollow Carved Creative Energy-saving LED Night Light Bedroom Study Decorative Table Lamp

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Item Type:Table Lamps
Switch Type:Knob switch
Warranty:1 year
Frame Color:White
Light Source:HID
Is Bulbs Included:No
Body Material:ABS
1. Color: White
2. Material: PVC
3. Size: About 10x10x34cm
4. LED lamp design, high bright, eco-friendly and energy saving.
5. Soft and sweet light, unique auspicious clouds carving and exquisite hollow carved style make this lamp look attractive and romantic.
6. Hollow carved design, best choice for room night lighting, as well as room decoration.
7. Can illuminate to add warm and romantic atmosphere.
8. Can be put in the room, lounge, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant etc as decorative light.

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