SMA-F1 1.3 inch TFT Full Touch Screen IP68 Waterproof Smart Sports Watch, Support Dynamic Heart Rate & Blood Pressure & Sleep Detection / Bluetooth / Alarm Clock / Photo Control(Black)

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1. 14 days long battery life, full touch, multi-sport mode, ultra-thin body
2. Three body colors, can be matched with a variety of skin-friendly wristbands
3. 2.5D mirror texture glass and TFT high-definition display, warm and comfortable eye protection
4. IP electroplated alloy case, 304 stainless steel rebound physical buttons, easy to control
5. Innovative design, thin and stylish 6. Support dynamic heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring
7. 11 mainstream sports modes, professional sports analysis, make you faster and stronger (running, walking, cycling, mountain climbing, treadmill, spinning, yoga, swimming, basketball, football)
8. Real-time weather, novel dial matching, sleep monitoring
9. Physiological cycle of women, decompression and relaxation, relaxation, make life easier from now on
10. Built-in a variety of small tools, convenient life

Product parameters:
1. Body material: zinc alloy
2. Wristband material: TPU
3. Weight: 50g
4. Screen size: 1.3 inches
5. Resolution: 240x240
6. Touch: full touch screen
7. Built-in polymer battery capacity: 200mAh
8. Working hours: 14 days
9. Standby time: 30 days
10. Chip: Nordic NRF52832
11. Heart rate IC: BD1666
12. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
13. Bluetooth effective distance: 8-10 meters
14. Memory (RAM + Flash): 256K / 1024K
15. Data storage: at least 7 days
16. Waterproof rating: IP68
17. Charging method: magnetic charging
18. Compatibility: iOS 8.1 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
19. Support display: time / date, calories burned, automatic activity recording (steps, distance, running)
20. Support function: Built-in 11 exercise modes, dynamic heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, automatic sleep monitoring, female physiological cycle, message reminder / push, photo control, alarm clock, music control, anti-lost reminder, sleep monitoring, vibration reminder, lift Hand bright screen, sedentary reminder
21. Social media notifications: WeChat, QQ, Facebook, various social applications
22. Watch built-in languages: Chinese, English, Japanese
23. Activity data storage: one year
24. Product size: 254x35.6x11mm
25. Strap width: 20mm

Packing list:
Smart watch x 1
Charging cable x 1
Manual x 1

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