Small Volcano Shape Air Humidifier Mini USB Car Household Mute Spray Humidifier(White)

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1. Water cup design for easy water filling.
2. Lightweight and easy to carry when traveling.
3. While humidifying, the colorful lights create a romantic atmosphere.
4. 320mL large capacity, no need to add water frequently.
5. Built-in waterproof probe, no water automatic power off, anti-dry, double protection, safe and reliable.
6. Suitable for home, car, office and other occasions.

1. Material: ABS / PP / silicone
2. Water bottle capacity: 320mL
3. Spray volume: 30-40ML / hour
4. Continuous spray mode time: About 6 hours
5. Intermittent spray mode time: About 12 hours
6. Working voltage: DC 5V
7. Working current: 250-400mA
8. Power consumption: 1.25W-2W
9. Size: 82x 82x151mm
10. Weight: 180g

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