Smart Temperature Display 304 Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Creative Business Cup For Male And Female Students, Style:High-quality(Red)

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1. Material: inner 304, outer 201 stainless steel
2. Insulation performance: 12-24 hours
3. Capacity: 500ml
4. Style: boutique temperature measurement, large screen temperature measurement
5. Color: black, pink, white, red, gold
6. Dimensions: diameter 6.5cm, height 23cm
7. Net weight: 273g
8. Remarks: Including button battery (AG3)

1. Touch temperature, heat preservation and moisture retention, built-in smart chip
2. The inner tank is made of 304 stainless steel, safe and secure
3. No need to charge, light and easy to carry
4. The bottom of the cup is covered with non-slip plastic to reduce wear

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