Sofa Portable USB Mute Mini Humidifier Nebulizer with LED Night Light for Office, Home Bedroom, Support USB Output, Capacity: 350ml, DC 5V(Blue)

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1. Cute and cute, innovative design, compact mini, does not occupy the place.
2. The mist is delicate and the table is not wet.
3. Decompression and anger, environmentally friendly silicone material, soft and comfortable.
4. Two-stage spray mode, which can switch between continuous spray, intermittent spray, 8-hour continuous spray and 16-hour intermittent spray.
5. Colorful atmosphere lights, comfortable and quiet.
6. 350ml large capacity, long-lasting humidification throughout the night.
7. The body comes with a USB expansion interface, which is free to match the life creativity.
8. Noise reduction design, silent humidification.
9. Built-in smart chip, 8-16 hours automatic power off anti-dry, double protection.

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