SOTHING DSHJ-H-009 260ML Deer Air Humidifier USB Home Atmosphere Night Light Air Purifier(White)

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1. Sleigh Deer Shape
- The round body, cute antlers and nose details, and the bottom sleigh base design raises the mist and optimizes the distribution of water mist
2. Nano Atomization
- The built-in ultrasonic atomizing device diffuses moisture evenly into the air to achieve a comfortable ambient humidity. Water molecules with a diameter of 2.5 microns will not condense water droplets as the air flows, and will not wet the table
3. Not Only Humidifier But Also Ambient Light
- Ambient light with independent switch, LED light source is evenly distributed, warm white light is soft and comfortable, can be used alone as ambient night light at night
4. 260ml Water Tank Capacity
- 260ml reasonable capacity design ensures daily humidification demand, reduces moisture retention, and fully covers the top cover dustproof design
5. Two-Speed Mode
- Direct injection/intermittent two-speed adjustable humidification mode, combined with 4/6-hour automatic power-off function, saving power and safety

1. Model: DSHJ-H-009
2. Material : ABS
3. Capacity: 260ML
4. Spray Quantity: 50ml/h
5. Input Interface: Micro USB
6. Input: DC 5V / 1A
7. Scope: 5-8m2
8. Light Color: Warm White Light
9. Size: 124 x 91 x 109 mm
10. Weight: 150g

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