Soundbar LP-09 (CE0148) Home Theater Bluetooth Wireless Sound Bar Speaker with Remote Control(Black)

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About The Product
LP-09 is a powerful echo wall home theater entertainment system, with 2 x 10W speaker and 2 x tweeter, and you can experience the fresh sound effects and tunes. This soundbar supports Bluetooth and TF card, with sounds of nature, is really an aural as well as a visual delight.

1. Tweeter:1 -1/4 inch (30.7mm), subwoofer: 2 inch (53mm), 10W*2 + 5W*2 output power.
2. Bluetooth version: V4.2, wireless distance: 10m.
3. Amplifier chip: Class-D
4. SNR: 76dB
5. Frequency Response: 85Hz-18KHz.
6. Power Supply: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz. Operating voltage: DC 15V/2A
7. Operation mode: Button/Remote
8. Support remote control, TF card.
9. PVC material shell, simple design, elegant appearance.

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